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And while we love what we do, it's work - we work to grow your business. We just happen to enjoy doing what we do and the people we do it with.

With a team of four certified inbound marketing professionals, we are dedicated to providing our clients with a fully integrated digital marketing approach to building relationships with their consumers online. As a HubSpot Certified Partner, we focus on the importance of building an enjoyable customer experience, both on and offline. Social media marketing stole our hearts from the start – but with a passion for “puzzles”, the bigger picture and a quick wit, we have grown into a full-scale digital marketing agency.

Founded in April 2015, Modern Driven Media was founded on one simple principle: relationships are the foundation to business success. Our original mission was simple; bring “social” back to social media. Instead of being a faceless brand on the internet, MDM transformed our clients into recognizable and trusted personalities by being proactive and interactive online, while making lasting connections that transcend beyond a purchase decision. But as technology changes and our team grows, our core services have expanded beyond just our social expertise.

As we have evolved, our commitment to our customers has only grown stronger.

In the crowded online marketplace, it is crucial to have a savvy, well-seasoned team consulting, strategizing, creating and implementing your digital marketing efforts in a way that resonates with your audience. Modern Driven Media is committed to delivering creative and valuable digital marketing campaigns that encourage conversations and lead to long-term relationships with your customers.
As a promise to our partners, we only deliver campaigns that your team takes great pride in.

Our Roots


An idea is only as good as everyone's added input. One team, one vision.


Our commitment lies within growth and relationships - the growth of your team to strengthen our partnership.


The same actions produce the same results. We are inspired by endless possibilities and the latest capabilities.


If we aren't excited about it, it will not leave the drawing board. Life is too short to live without energy and passion.


We stand alone as an agency. We stand together as a team.

say hello.

We are a vibrant team with a genuine passion for having genuine conversations - often interjected with a quick witty comment, just to keep everyone on their toes. We're marketers, what do you expect?

We ask ourselves the same question every day.

Our success solely lies in our clients' success. Our team, our mission and our work, we take pride in - or we go back to the drawing board.

With years of experience in the hospitality industry, Shana understood the importance of providing customers with a memorable experience to build lasting business relationships. In 2015, Shana founded Modern Driven Media as a social media marketing agency. Expanding into a fully integrated digital marketing agency, Shana’s strategic and creative direction builds a solid foundation to the working relationships with our clients. When she is not speaking directly to clients, Shana is the office’s resident DJ.

With a passion for the written word, Becky is able to transform an idea into a story. Joining the team as our first employee, Becky asks the tough questions and eloquently builds campaigns that are thought provoking and attention grabbing. Her genuine passion for uncovering our clients voice is evident in every strategy across all media. Don’t be surprised if she finds the words to finish your sentences.

Teri thrives at the opportunity to make sure our client’s message is consistent and flows graciously through all appropriate channels. In this day and age, there are many different digital outlets to reach your consumers.  Her attention to detail and obsession with organization brings clarity to our team and to our clients. When Teri is not busy fitting all of the puzzle pieces together, she serves as the team’s spellchecker and Bitmoji master.

As Modern’s most vibrant and witty team member, Shelby transforms your business into an online personality your consumers crave to engage with. Whether its singing and dancing through the office or her contagious laugh, there are only smiles when Shelby is on duty – and that’s the same for the followers she engages with on a daily basis.

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Modern Driven Media is my go to for social media management services for all my clients. They are consistent and strategic and try to understand your business and target clients. They are open to ideas, and I have seen amazing results. One client receives over 2200 visitors a week from less than 10 when we started. Another client had 200 click through visitors from Facebook posts to their contact form page last week. Modern Driven Media knows their stuff and I highly recommend them.

Jesse Beaty

Founder, Plant Creative
Was able to assist our team with questions and help to educate. Thanks so much for everything! *Case Study Available*

Caley Tate

Customer Relationship Manager
We originally chose Modern Driven Media to handle our Social Media and Public Relations efforts, but their services have expanded beyond just that. They were able to hit the ground running, and not only keep up with our demand, but surpass our standards of exposure and market reach. To date, they’ve sent thousands of visitors to our site, and in the last month alone, was able to increase our Facebook followers by over 30% by implementing strategic paid advertising campaigns aimed at expanding our target audience and engagement needs. Modern Driven Media is a team with real skill and service behind their name. I’d be highly surprised if you weren’t satisfied.

Dave Weston

National Marketing Manager, BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY
Modern Driven Media has helped transform our company, Lily Method, from a product on the shelves to now one with a strong online presence. Their interest is genuine in seeing our product succeed and they truly care about the story behind the product. They are always readily available to answer any questions and taught me so much about the online world that I never knew. They are passionate in what they do and I will be referring anyone that wants to build online relationships to Modern Driven Media. I can't thank them enough for making my dream a reality!

Alene D'Alesio

Creator, Lily Method Pacifier Weaning System
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