Not only do we get to know your business and your industry, we get to know your team! In order to create a successful partnership, we must embody the personality of your team and be in alignment with your goals. Once we have a solid understanding of your team and your business goals, we are able to uncover your positioning within the industry and develop an extensive buyer persona insights.

Strategy & Creative Development

Your team has tried blogging, posting on social media, updating the website - but you have not seen results. Our team develops a strategy that will serve as a plan of action designated to achieve our expected goals and fully integrate all marketing efforts. We provide the clarity and focus necessary to build your business. Once we have the foundation of your online marketing efforts, our creative team heads to the drawing board to build a memorable experience for your customers.

Creating Attention

By creating the appropriate message for the intended consumer at the ideal time, you have a chance to develop a memorable introduction. Every relationships starts with a hello - and a business relationships is no different. We develop valuable content through blogging, SEO on website pages, and social media in order to capture the attention of a highly targeted and anticipated buyer personas.

Drive Traffic

If we refer to your website as the "home" of your business online, social media, blogging and SEO serve as the transportation to get you to your destination. Once we successfully create awareness, we drive visitors  to specific landing pages on your website with personalized messaging, forms and calls-to-actions.

Convert Leads

By providing valuable opportunities to our website visitors, we are able to build your contact list. This the the first step to earning trust from your website visitors. By adding forms and calls-to-actions to your website, you are leading your prospects further down the sales funnel and leveraging our ability to continue communicating.

Nurture Relationships

As you gauge your contact list's interest level and determine their position in the sales funnel, you want to continue to build upon your relationships. By nurturing these leads with proper workflows, follow up emails and re-engaging on social media, you build trust with the brand and stay relevant.

Measure, Analyze & Optimize

With the ability to track every aspect of our marketing strategy, we are constantly able to track, measure and analyze our marketing performance to maximize effectiveness and optimize the best return on investment (ROI). Each client strategy is flexible and build with the intention to adjust based on results. In addition, our analytics will determine if our clients' marketing dollars are being used appropriately. 

Strategy & Creative
Generate Attention
Drive Traffic
Convert Leads
Nurture Relationships
Measure, Analyze & Optimize

Strategy and Consulting

You have the team, but you’re lacking the direction. From conducting an audit of your current marketing efforts to researching competitors and industry leaders to better understand your market, we are able to provide your business direction and actionable next steps.

Social Media Marketing

Meet your customers where they already are. Billboards, TV commercials, radio clips are quickly becoming a thing of the past. The average human spends nearly 2 hours on social media daily. Take advantage of the reach platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest present to your business.

Inbound Marketing

Break through the noise of the traditional outbound marketing tactics and reach prospects on their terms by providing content that is relevant and valuable to their needs. Together, we will develop an effective full-funnel marketing program that begins and ends with your customer’s interests, wants and time at the forefront of our mind.

Website Design


Paid Media

Email Marketing

Content Creation


Let's Have a Conversation!

Don't know what the next best step is for your marketing efforts? You are not alone. Our team is dedicated to keeping up with the latest trends and providing our clients with an experience that is second to none. We provide you the education and clarity you need in order to understand how your marketing dollars are being allocated and the success it will bring. We foster an atmosphere of collaboration and creativity. And it all starts with our first connection. Get to know us!

Modern Driven Media is my go to for social media management services for all my clients. They are consistent and strategic and try to understand your business and target clients. They are open to ideas, and I have seen amazing results. One client receives over 2200 visitors a week from less than 10 when we started. Another client had 200 click through visitors from Facebook posts to their contact form page last week. Modern Driven Media knows their stuff and I highly recommend them.

Jesse Beaty

Founder, Plant Creative
Was able to assist our team with questions and help to educate. Thanks so much for everything! *Case Study Available*

Caley Tate

Customer Relationship Manager
We originally chose Modern Driven Media to handle our Social Media and Public Relations efforts, but their services have expanded beyond just that. They were able to hit the ground running, and not only keep up with our demand, but surpass our standards of exposure and market reach. To date, they’ve sent thousands of visitors to our site, and in the last month alone, was able to increase our Facebook followers by over 30% by implementing strategic paid advertising campaigns aimed at expanding our target audience and engagement needs. Modern Driven Media is a team with real skill and service behind their name. I’d be highly surprised if you weren’t satisfied.

Dave Weston

National Marketing Manager, BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY
Modern Driven Media has helped transform our company, Lily Method, from a product on the shelves to now one with a strong online presence. Their interest is genuine in seeing our product succeed and they truly care about the story behind the product. They are always readily available to answer any questions and taught me so much about the online world that I never knew. They are passionate in what they do and I will be referring anyone that wants to build online relationships to Modern Driven Media. I can't thank them enough for making my dream a reality!

Alene D'Alesio

Creator, Lily Method Pacifier Weaning System

Strategy and Consulting

You have the team, but you’re lacking the direction. From conducting an audit of your current marketing efforts to researching competitors and industry leaders to better understand your market, we are able to provide your business direction and actionable next steps.

From determining where your audience is to what messaging they are most receptive to, social media is much more strategic than simply posting a caption on Facebook. Through targeted advertisements and messaging, engaging conversations and providing an entertaining online experience that embraces your business’ personality over sale pitches.

Starting at $2,500.

Your business is committed to proving a valuable and beneficial online experience for your audience – but where to begin. The experts at MDM start at the basics. Uncovering business goals and understanding exactly who your audience is provides essential information to develop a plan of action or your business.

We locate where your audience is and capitalize on their pain points, problems and questions to begin earning their trust and ultimately, their business. A content and promotions calendar will be the saving grace of your marketing direction – providing timelines, content suggestions and benchmarks to achieve our intended goals.

People do business with people they know, like and trust. Now more than ever, everyone has a say over your product and services and has a microphone to share it with the world. Whether it be traditional media outlets or embracing the “micro-influencers” on social media, it is critical to your business’ success to have a community and influencer outreach strategy in place.

Social Media Marketing

Philadelphia is booming with marketing agencies - but many agencies are only beginning to dip their toes in the realm of social media. It’s not just about providing client’s with a few posts to make sure their accounts are updated - but rather develop a full blown strategy that will help lead qualified prospects through their sales funnel. As an agency in Philadelphia that specializes in social media, we understand the importance of creating content delivered to specific individuals, engaging with a community to gain credibility and build trust and excitement, providing exceptional and immediate customer service for customers, and building social advertising campaigns that convert your prospects further into their buyers journey.

But what can social media actually do to help your business?

  • gain interest to a product or service
  • increase awareness around brand
  • drive traffic to website
  • build engagement with community
  • generate new leads
  • understand valuable customer insights
  • build and nurture loyal relationships
  • share important and relevant information in real-time

Just like any other marketing outlet, social media begins with an audit. From understanding your current audience to evaluating your competitors, the success of any social media strategy begins with a full comprehension of your team’s business goals, buyers journey and how the digital landscape integrates with your internal marketing strategy. Only then are we able to dive into creating campaigns that will assist your team with meeting your bottom line.

78% of consumers agree that a company’s social posting impacts their purchasing decisions.

Content creation fuels the interest and interaction of within your community. By developing a content strategy specific to your audience, your brand will earn growth, credibility and attention. Social media provides you a way to rely information to your audience in real time, as well as become a thought leader in your industry or market.

And finally, unlike any other marketing outlet, social media provides you the opportunity to be social with your community. Interactions and conversations are the core to success in business. Build relationships with current customers, potential prospects and other industry leaders by engaging in conversations, providing customer service in real-time and reaching out to influencers within your market to expand your reach.

Social media thrives with creative and interactive online environment and our team develops the best strategy on behalf of your business and market to build the most targeted marketing advantages. While consistently monitoring and measuring campaign success, we are able to grow and adjust with all of the latest marketing trends on behalf of your business.


Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing gives your business the opportunity to turn strangers into loyal, happy customers!

In this day and age, your typical customers has grown savvy to typical, noisy advertising tactics. But, what if you are finally able to provide these ideal clients with the information they are already looking for at the perfect moment? This closed loop marketing approach will provide you with that magic trifecta - right place, right time, right person. It’s the perfect position to start building relationships with your prospects!

ntegrated marketing is a team effort - combining the best practices for both marketing and sales to reach your business goals.

Website traffic does not mean anything, unless the right people are visiting your website. By developing relevant, valuable and targeted content – we can generate the right traffic to your website. The perfect mix of blogging, social media promotion, and keyword recognition will allow us to attract strangers and convert them into website visitors.

You’ve caught your visitors attention and now it’s time to get to know who they are, both their challenges and desires. By clearly defining your buyers personas and supplying them with the most appropriate messages, you are able to effective encourage leads further into your marketing and sales funnel.

All hands on deck – you’re sales and marketing team need to be aligned and working in harmony. Email nurturing workflows will continue to qualify prospects, so your sales team can focus their energy on the appropriate leads and provide them an enjoyable buyers experience traveling through the funnel.

We are looking at the short term wins, but the long term relationships that stem from providing an enjoyable buyers journey. Strong and stable relationships open the door to building a fanbase on behalf of your business. Continue to engage and interact with your customers because the lifetime value is far more important than the immediate sale.

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